Dogwood Ultra Marathons

7:30 PM

March 25th, 2022

Entering its seventh year, the Dogwood Ultra Marathons returns with new options.  This year we are adding a 36 hour solo and 36 hour relay option.  Each 36 hour option begins at 7:30pm on Friday March 25th.  Runners can also choose 10 mile, 12 hour solo, 12 hour relay, 24 hour solo and 24 hour relay options.  This race will be chip timed.  Runners choosing the 10 mile or 12 hour options have the choice to run the course day or night.  That means you can sign up for the 12 hour and begin at either 7:30am or 7:30pm.  Relay options can have anywhere from 3-6 members.  Teams can be same gender or mixed gender.

The race will be held at Twin Lakes State Park in Green Bay Virginia.  The race features a 3.4 mile loop.  A 10 mile option is also available for those who don’t want to run the entire 12 or 24 hours.  Participants will have full aid available to them every time they complete a loop.

Runners will pass by the start every 3.4 miles.  There will be a full menu of food and aid available during the day. In addition to normal ultra food there will be lunch and dinner items served.  This includes hot dogs and our world famous Quesadillas!  Vegetarian options will be available.  The course features rolling hills and approximately 246 feet of elevation gain each loop. There are two stream crossings that may dampen your shoes depending on the water levels.  There are numerous views of the water throughout the course.  The start line has a pavilion for runners gear and a playground for the families.

Seen enough? Head over to the registration page:

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The last day to register and be guaranteed a t-shirt is March 5th!  Registration closes for everyone on March 24th.


10 Mile- $35

12 Hour Solo- $85

12 Hour Relay- $115

24 Hour Solo- $115

24 Hour Relay- $215

36 Hour Solo- $150

36 Hour Relay- $250

All prices go up on February 15th.  These are the best prices you’ll find around so sign up early.  Teachers, Law Enforcement, Military, Nurses and other First responders use the code THANKS for a discount.


Twin Lakes State Park has  a number of cabins that may be rented.  There is also a campground a couple hundred yards from the start line.  The Campground at Twin Lakes State opens the first weekend of March and is the best value for the race.  It sits less than 400 meters from the start line.  There is one hotel in Burkeville, approximately 10 minutes away.  The other nearest hotels are in Farmville, a 20 minute drive away.


All runners signing up by March 5th are guaranteed a shirt.  Runners signing up after are not guaranteed a shirt.  The shirts will be long sleeve shirts.  Female shirts often run small so female runners wanting a larger shirt should order up a size.  Sometimes the long sleeve shirts are gender neutral.  Shirt style will be communicated ahead of time leaving an opportunity to change your choice if a different style is used.


Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and female in each distance.  Only the 1st place relay team will receive an award.  Finisher’s awards will be given to all runners completing a 50k, 50 mile, 100k or 100 mile distance.  Runner’s finishing 100 miles will receive a belt buckle.  Only complete laps will count.  Runners must finish their current lap by the time cap in order for it to count.  Runners must be present in order to qualify for a prize.  The following laps must be completed to achieve noteworthy distances:

50k- 9 laps (30.6)

50 miles- 15 (51.05 miles)

100k- 19 laps (64.4 miles)

100 miles- 29 laps + 1 partial lap (100 miles)


Crew are encouraged at all times  to interact with their runners at the start line and crew area only.  Pacers are permitted anytime after 12 hours for the 24 hour solo runners.  Pacers are permitted after 8 hours for the 12 hour solo runners.  Pacers should check in with race staff prior to going out.  Runners and crew members are encouraged to establish their base camp beside the pavilion, not above the hill.  No muling permitted.  Pacers for the 36 hour race are permitted at any time.


Participants running after dark must carry light.  Pacers running after dark must also carry light.

Hydration and Weather

The spring weather in Virginia is really unpredictable.  Therefore runners must carry hydration at all times.  Late March in Virginia could see rain, snow, 70 degree days and 20 degree nights.  They could see all of this in one day.  Runners should be prepared for all elements.

Base Camp

Because we are in a day use area there are some rules we need to follow.  Canopies (think things without walls) are allowed in base camp.  As are coolers and chairs.  Tents are not allowed in the day use area.  If you think you’re going to want to take a nap during the race rent a campsite.  The campground is a 1 minute drive away.  If you choose to leave the race start/finish area you need to let a volunteer know.


The following are the rules for relay teams:

  1.  Relay teams are comprised of 3-6 people.  There is no gender requirement.  They can mixed or same gender.  Regardless of team make up all relay teams compete against each other
  2. Each runner must run at least one lap every 6 hours.  The only exception to this is if a runner gets injured.  Teams do not have to run loops in the same order.  They can have one person run multiple laps consecutively if they choose.
  3. Any relay runner on the course after dark must carry light
  4. Top relay team receive prizes
  5. No pacing of relay runners is allowed (the only exception is if the entire team wishes to go on a lap together for their final loop)


Runners will start at Shelter #2.  They will follow Goodwin Lake Trail until they reach the boat access for Goodwin Lake.  They will turn left onto the road and follow it until they reach the boat access for Prince Edward Lake.  Here they will turn right onto Otter’s Path Trail.  They will follow Otter’s Path trail all the way around Prince Edward Lake until they reach the between the Lakes Trail.  Here they will turn right onto Between the Lakes Trail and follow it to Goodwin Lake Road.  They will turn right onto Goodwin Lake Road and follow this back to the pavilion.  Don’t let the 246 feet of elevation change fool you.  This is a difficult course.  There are very few flat areas so you must constantly change your speed.  You can find a link to the route here:

Race Route

Virginia State Parks Adventure Series

This race (10 miler) is part of the Virginia State Parks Adventure Series.  The more races in state parks you participate in, the better your chances of winning

Virginia State Parks Adventure Series


I cannot offer refunds.  I can offer you a deferral to next year’s event or the opportunity to run another one of my events during the year.  Cost differential for deferred races will not be refunded