Night Train 50k, Half Marathon and 5k

Come run into History on one of Virginia’s newest Rail Trails.  The High Bridge Trail features a 2400 foot long bridge, Civil War era battles and chance to run through downtown Farmville.  What more can you ask for from a race?  This race takes place at night. It takes place on June 25th, 2022.  Start time is 5:30pm.  The race will be chip timed.   We have added a 5k this year which begins at 8pm.  This will allow runners to cross the bridge at sunset, which should make fore beautiful pictures


Start/Finish at Camp Paradise

**Please note COVID requirements are a fluid situation.  Guidance and race director expectations may change.  Please adhere to all guidance given.

The race will start/finish at Camp Paradise.  Check in begins at 3:00 for all races.  Social Distancing is advisable while waiting in line.  Masks are required while waiting in line for anyone who wishes to wear a mask or who is unvaccinated.


The 50k begins at 5:30.  Runners will begin in waves of 60 runners every 4 minutes.  This will help alleviate overcrowding at the first aid station.  Runners will cross High Bridge and head towards downtown.  They will travel 5.7 miles to the first aid station at Osborne Road, just past downtown.  Runners will continue west for 5.2 miles to the next aid station at Tuggle.  Runners continue west for another 3.8 miles to Prospect, the next aid station.  They will continue past Prospect for another .9 miles to an unmanned turnaround.  They will then turn around and retrace their steps through Prospect, Tuggle, downtown and across the bridge to the finish.  Drop Bags will be available at Prospect only.  Pacers are allowed from either Prospect (return trip) or Osborne Road to the finish.  Pacers are required to provide their own transportation to aid stations.  Pacers may use food at each aid station

Half Marathon

The Half Marathon begins at 6pm.  They will start in waves of 45 every 3 minutes.  Runners will head west towards Farmville.  They will pass the downtown Farmville Aid Station at mile 5.6 (Train Station).  They will travel approximately one mile past the train station to an unmanned turnaround and then retrace their steps.  They will pass through downtown Farmville one more time on their way to the finish

Half Marathon runners should carry at least 20 ounces of water at any time.  Failure to carry water is an automatic disqualification.  They do not have drop bags.  No pacers are allowed.


The 5k begins at 8pm.  Participants run over the bridge turning around just prior to River Road.  The idea of an 8pm start time is to get to run over the bridge while the sun is beginning to set


Location                                Outbound                Return           Cutoff

Camp Paradise                    0                                  31                   3:00am

Downtown (Train Depot) 5.6                             26.4              1:10am

Tuggle                                    11                                21               11:40pm

Prospect                               15                                17               10:30pm (towards finish)

Turnaround                         16                                16

Aid stations will have food in prepackaged containers.  Aid stations will also have water, ice, Tailwind (don’t ask what flavor) and some pop.  Runners need to bring their own cup as this is a cupless race.  Prospect will have hot dogs and the finish line will have pizza (and maybe hot dogs).  As this is a summer race, ice is the most valuable commodity.  We do our best to make sure Ice is available at each aid station.  That is why runners are spread out.  However sometimes ice does run out.  If you have crew members they can purchase ice at almost any gas station or Dollar General.


Cutoffs are in place for your safety.  If you miss the cutoff you will be held at the next aid station until a ride can be arranged for you.  Continuing on past cutoffs will result in a disqualification and endangers our ability to hold future races.


The course is very easy to follow.  You never leave High Bridge Trail.  It is 10 feet wide of crushed, white gravel.  The course is not marked for the race, however the trail does have distance markings every .5 mile.  This will tell you distance in .5 mile increments.  Please do not come to me at the end of the race and tell me the distance was (short, long etc.).


Top 3 runners (each gender) will be awarded 1st-3rd place.  Runners must be present to claim award.  Prizes will not be mailed.  Most patriotic will also be awarded at race director’s discretion.

Drop Bags

Drop bags are only available at Prospect for 50k runners.  Drop bags will return when Prospect closes.


Runners can either carry a light with them or place a light in their drop bag for Prospect.  The section of the course from downtown to Prospect gets very dark so light is required.

There are two road crossings of busy streets. The first is the crossing of River Road (approx. 1 mile west of High Bridge).  A Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputy will be stationed there.  Please follow his/her directions.  The second is crossing main street in downtown Farmville.  Please use the crosswalk and be cautious of any traffic as there will not be a deputy there.


If a runner must drop they need to go to the next aid station and let the aid station captain know.  They should turn in their bib at that location.  If you don’t communicate a drop that means I have to send someone to look for you


Crew are allowed at any aid station.  It is asked that only runners interact with volunteers in terms of filling water containers and getting food.  Crew are asked NOT to access their runners at the caboose in downtown Farmville as this may create additional congestion on the roadway in downtown Farmville.  There is ample parking and space to access your runner at the train depot (downtown aid station).


It is really hot.  Dogs are not permitted during the race unless there is an accessibility issue.  If so, please contact the RD ahead of time.  Strollers are permitted as long as runners meet cutoff requirements.  Runners planning to utilize strollers should contact the RD ahead of time

Code of Conduct

Please be respectful of every other runner, volunteer, park staff and general public trail user you see.  Disrespect, prejudice and harassment will not be tolerated.  It is grounds for disqualification if brought to my attention.  Everyone deserves to have a good time and feel safe.  Poor conduct ruins the race for someone else and potentially harms our chances of holding the race again.  Cheating or cutting the course is also grounds for disqualification.  Being angry at the race director because it is hot is encouraged.  Just be creative and remember you signed up for it.


Putting on a summer Ultra in Virginia is costly.  I cannot offer refunds for this race.  I can offer you the opportunity to defer to next year or transfer to another race

Virginia State Parks Adventure Series

This race (Half Marathon) is part of the Virginia State Parks Adventure Series.  The more races in state parks you participate in, the better your chances of winning

Virginia State Parks Adventure Series

Directions to Tuggle from Downtown

Take Main Street to 3rd Street.  Turn West on 3rd Street.  Stay on 3rd Street for 4 miles.  At stoplight, continue straight onto Tuggle Road (Route 768) for 1.9 miles.  Turn left onto Hard Times Road.  Take an IMMEDIATE left into parking lot.  No address is available for this one.

High Bridge Challenge

Want more? Step up to the plate with the High Bridge Challenge. Run both the Night Train and Freight Train Half Marathons (26.2 miles total), 50k’s (100k total) or 50k and 100k (Night Train 50k and Freight Train 100k) in the same calendar year. Participants completing both will receive a special award at the conclusion of their Freight Train Distance. If you plan to complete the challenge, enter “CHALLENGE” as a discount code when signing up for Freight Train for 15% off. There is no additional cost (aside from signing up for each race). Participants must sign up (for tracking purposes) on the High Bridge Challenge registration page

High Bridge Challenge