Night Train 50k and Half Marathon

Come run into History on one of Virginia’s newest Rail Trails.  The High Bridge Trail features a 2400 foot long bridge, Civil War era battles and chance to run through downtown Farmville.  What more can you ask for from a race?  This race takes place at night. It takes place on June 27th, 2020.  Start time is 5:30pm.  The race will be chip timed. This years race will be part of the Virginia State Parks Adventure Series. This series encourages participants to experience the Virginia State Parks by running, paddling, biking and swimming through the parks at organized races.  The more races participants sign up for, the more chances they have to win.




As an early bird special I am offering the 50k for $45 and the half marathon for $30 until 11/15.  After that the prices go up to $50 and $65.  If there are spots available after May 15th the price increases to $60 and $75.  The race is capped at 350 runners.  I offer a discount for military, fire, law enforcement, EMS, nurses and teachers.  Enter THANKS when checking out


The course begins and ends in Farmville Virginia.  Runners will begin the race at the High Bridge Trail access in downtown Farmville.  Runners will exit Farmville and head East.  They will travel 8.2 miles to Rice where they will turn around and travel back to Farmville.  When they return to Farmville they are slightly over halfway (about 16.4 miles).  In Farmville, they will have access to an aid station, restrooms and any gear they have left.  Runners will exit Farmville and travel West towards Tuggle.  The section to Tuggle is 5.7 miles.  There will be another aid station at Tuggle.  They will leave Tuggle and continue West for another 1.75 miles until they reach the turnaround point.  At this point, they will return to the Tuggle Aid Station.  They will then run the 5.7 mile section back to Farmville.  That means the course consists of two separate out and backs.

The half marathon begins also begins in downtown Farmville at the same location and time as the 50k.  Runners will travel over the high bridge to an aid station at Camp Paradise.  They will turn around here and return to the start.

** The 50k is a long 50k.  It is actually just over 32 miles.  I didn’t charge you for the extra mileage.  You’re welcome.


The trail is easy to follow.  It is 10 foot wide, white and filled with crushed white gravel.  There will be no course marking aside from the course.  If you go off of the white crushed gravel, that’s on you.

Aid Stations

There will be four manned aid stations.  One will be at the start/finish line in Downtown Farmville.  Go to the red caboose in downtown Farmville.  This aid station has bathrooms, access to your vehicle and a full aid station.  This aid station will have all of your typical stuff like oranges, bananas, cookies and candies.  It will also have water, pop and Heed.  This station will also serve pizza beginning when runners return from their first leg.  This aid station is the halfway point of the 50k as well.

The first aid station runners encounter will be at the half marathon turnaround.  This is 6.55 miles in.  This aid station will have water, ice, Gatorade and some small snacks like gummy candies and pretzels.  It will have more food than you would expect on a road race but less food than a typical Ultra aid station.

The second aid station will be at the turnaround in Rice.  This aid station will have slightly less than the Farmville aid station as it is in a location that is a little bit more rustic.  It will have basic snacks (pretzels, gummy candies, fruit, pb&j), water, pop and Heed.  It will also have ice!

The third aid station will be at Tuggle.  Runners will pass this aid station twice, at miles 22.1 and 25.6.  This aid station will be similar to the Rice aid station in that it will serve slightly less food than the main aid station in Farmville.  It will also have ice!

There will be an unmanned water only station at River Road (3 miles from the start line)

Runners must carry water at all time!  I recommend at least 20 ounces.  There are times when you may be 6 miles from the next aid station.  You must be self sufficient.

Drop Bags

Runners will return to the starting point at mile 16.4.  Due to logistics, there will be no drop bags at Rice. Drop Bags will be available at Tuggle.  However drop bags may not come back to the starting point until the last runner has left Tuggle.  Crews can access their runners at Rice and Tuggle.  If you want a drop bag at Rice I suggest you make arrangements with a crew to meet you there.

No drop bags are available for half marathon runners.


Pacers are allowed at the Race Directors discretion.  Pacers may begin at Farmville (Mile 16.4) or Tuggle (Mile 22.1).  Crews can access their runners at the Rice and Tuggle turnaround points.  Crews can also access their runners at River Road (there is parking available there) and at Camp Paradise (ample parking there).  Camp Paradise is not on current maps/internet.  To reach Camp Paradise, follow 460 to Route 601 (Aspen Hill Road).  Turn onto 601 and follow it to the trail.  Continue on past 601 past the Trail for approximately another mile.  Turn left into the entrance for Camp Paradise.


There are plenty of restrooms.  Restrooms are located at the starting point, Tuggle and at Rice.  Restrooms are also located on the course at River Road (3 miles from the start) and Camp Paradise (just across the bridge).

Course Map



This race has a 9.5 hour time limit. Runners not making it back to Farmville (halfway point) by 10 will be pulled off the course when they return to Farmville.  The race starts at 5:30pm.  That means you need to finish by 3am.  The following will be the cutoffs for the aid stations:

Rice: Leave Rice (Mile 8.2) towards Farmville by 8:00

Farmville: Leave Farmville (Mile 16.4) towards Tuggle by 10:30

Tuggle: Leave Tuggle towards Farmville by 1:15am

Half Marathon runners must return to Farmville by 9:30.

Packet Pick-Up

Packet Pick-up will begin at 3pm on Saturday afternoon.  Packet pick-up takes place at the Caboose on High Bridge Trail in downtown Farmville.  There will be no packet pick-up the day before.  The race begins promptly at 5:30pm.

Runner Safety

Runners should run with some sort of reflective clothing on at all times.  Runners leaving Farmville at the halfway point must carry some form of light.  If you feel like your pace may be such that you require a light before you get back to Farmville you should carry it with you from the start.  There will be no drop bags at Rice!  Runners will check in with race staff at Rice, Tuggle and Farmville.

All runners must carry water!  Even half marathon runners!  I don’t care how fast you are.  It was sunny and 95 degrees at the start of the race last year.  If I see you take off without water I will DQ you!  Carry enough to get you through 5-6 miles.


Participants should park in Farmville Municipal Parking lots.  There is some parking next to the caboose in Farmville (approx 20 spaces).  This is located on the corner of Depot and Main Street across from the Outdoor Adventure Store.  People using GPS may type in 318 North Main Street Farmville Va. 23901 (The Outdoor Adventure Store) to get to the park.  Once the lot by the caboose is full, participants should locate the other free municipal lots around town.  There are numerous lots located within 2-3 blocks of the starting line.  It is highly recommended that participants avoid parking at the meters on the street.


Awards will be given to the top 3 males and females in each race.  Every finisher in under 9.5 hours will receive a finisher’s award.  All half marathon finishers in under 4 hours will receive a finisher’s award.

Since this race takes place near the Fourth of July this year I am adding a new prize category.  I will hand out an award to the most patriotic male and female runner.


I won’t lie.  The shirts are sweet!  Check out the picture below.  You’ll want to wear them everywhere because they’re a really nice cotton/synthetic blend.  Everyone who signs up before June 12th is guaranteed a shirt.  I’ll order extras but anyone signing up after is not guaranteed.  Last year I had almost 50 runners sign up in the two weeks before the race.  Don’t gamble on the shirts.  Sign up early.  Also, I will order these in both ladies and men’s sizes.  The ladies size are a bit snug.  If you’re on the fence of what size to order, probably better to order a larger shirt.

Night Train 50K/Half Marathon Parking and Crew Instructions

Downtown Farmville Parking

Use 318 North Main Street if driving to Farmville.  This is the address to the Outdoor Adventure Store.  Parking is available directly across the street in the municipal parking lot.  Parking is also available in municipal parking on 2nd Street and on Depot Street.  Just look for free municipal parking signs and park there.

Directions to Camp Paradise (Unmanned water station) from Start Line

Travel East on 3rd Street for 2.2 miles.  Merge onto East 460 for 2 miles.  Turn left onto Aspen Hill Road (There are signs for High Bridge State Park on 460).  Travel on Aspen Hill for approx. 1.5-2 miles and you will cross High Bridge Trail.  Runners can be accessed here but this is not Camp Paradise.  Continue traveling on Aspen Hill for another .5-1 mile.  Turn into Camp Paradise.  There are signs.  Follow the gravel road for 1-2 miles until you reach parking for Camp Paradise.  When you reach the first trail access continue on past the trail.  This will take you to the parking area.  The High Bridge is only about 1/10 mile walk from here.

Directions to Rice from Camp Paradise

Follow Aspen Hill Road back to 460.  Take 460 East for 1 mile.  Turn right onto Rice’s Depot Road.  Follow road until you see parking.  The aid station is right next to Rice Post Office.  Use 658 Rice’s Depot Road, Rice Virginia 23966 if using GPS

Directions to Tuggle from Start Line

Take Main Street to 3rd Street.  Turn West on 3rd Street.  Stay on 3rd Street for 4 miles.  At stoplight, continue straight onto Tuggle Road (Route 768) for 1.9 miles.  Turn left onto Hard Times Road.  Take an IMMEDIATE left into parking lot.  No address is available for this one.