Thoroughbred Races

The Thoroughbred Races will take place on October 2nd, 2021.  The race takes place between Lawrenceville Virginia and LaCrosse Virginia on the Tobacco Heritage Trail.  The Tobacco Heritage Trail is a new Rail Trail built from an old Norfolk Southern Railroad spur line.  The railroad’s nickname of the Thoroughbred inspired the name of the race.  The Tobacco Heritage Trail celebrates the agricultural heritage of Virginia’s Piedmont region.  It is a beautiful course and one that has never hosted an Ultra before.  Runners will pass through old railroad lines, rolling hills and small towns that give a brief glimpse of small town life.


Route and Aid Stations

The Race features three running options, a 50k, a 30k and a 10k (new for this year).  All races begin at the Caboose in LaCrosse at 8am.  The address of the caboose is 115 S. Main Street, Lacrosse Virginia.  Packet pick up will begin at 6:15 am that morning.  The race heads eastbound on the trail.  There will be an unmanned water only station as the trail passes through Brodnax at mile 4.2.  Passing through Brodnax, runners will exit the trail and enter onto Railroad Street for 1.15 miles.  They will follow this road until they re-enter the trail on the eastern edge of Brodnax.  This road is not closed to other vehicular traffic.  There are road crossings so runners should be cautious at all road crossings.   At mile 9.3 the trail passes Evans Creek Road.  This will be the location of a fully manned aid station as well as the location for bathrooms.  Evans Creek Road will be the turnaround for the 30k. There are multiple pit toilets between Evans Creek Road and the turnaround. Crews can access their runners at this location.  At mile 12.2 there will be another unmanned water station.  The turnaround point will be at Brickyard Road at mile 16.  There will be a full aid station, crew access and bathrooms here.  10k runners will start at the caboose and follow the trail for 3.1 miles with all of the other runners.  They will then turn around and retrace their steps.

The aid stations are spread out on this race.  All runners must carry water!

Time Limit and Cutoffs

The time limit for the race is 9.5 hours.  Runners not reaching Brickyard Road by 12:45 will be pulled from the course.


Pacers are allowed after the turnaround point. Crew may access their runners at Evans Creek Road and the turnaround point.  Parking at Brickyard Road is limited so crew are encouraged to not spend too much time there.

The trail runs through Brodnax around miles 4.3 and 27.7.  Crew may access their runners at either location where the trail intersects the road.  Please just be wary and respectful of other vehicular traffic.

There is also a crew access point at mile 2.6/29.4 at the junction of the trail and regional airport road (State Road 626).  For those looking for it, type in 1921 State Road 626.  There is off road parking here.


This race offers an early bird special.  All runners signing up by October 31st receive massive discounts.  $15 for the 10k, $20 for the 30k and $30 for the 50k.The cost of the race increased to $55 for the 50k, $40 for the 30k and $20 for the 10k on November 1st.  All runners signing up by April 23rd are guaranteed a shirt.  You won’t find a cheaper bargain than this race!  Come out and see a piece of Virginia most people never see.


This is already about the cheapest race you can run for this distance.  This is a great entry level race into trail running based on the terrain and cost.  But like all of my races I want to offer a discount for those who give of themselves.  So all Fire, Law Enforcement, Military, Teachers and Nurses should enter in the code “THANKS” for a little discount.  Thanks for all you do!


Parking is available at the municipal lot in downtown LaCrosse.  Park next to the red caboose.


All finishers will receive a finisher’s award.  Prizes will be given to the top 3 male and female runners of each distance.  Runners must be present to claim their prize.  Prizes will not be mailed.


Tobacco Heritage Trail

Rules/Inclement Weather

The race director reserves the right to cancel the event at any time if the conditions are deemed unsafe.  We will hold the event in rain.  No strollers are permitted.  All participants should be 18 unless given permission from the race director to participate in the event.  While headphones are permitted, runners should exercise caution as there are road crossings on the course.  Participants should remove headphones when crossing roads.  The race director reserves the right to pull anyone off the course who in his judgment should not continue.

What to expect

This may look like an easy race.  It’s not.  The terrain is forgiving in that it is relatively flat.  It is an old rail trail.  But there are multiple sections where you will spend time out in the sun with no shade.  Bring sunblock.  You can also expect bugs.  This is also a long 50k.  The course itself is actually closer to 32.5-33 miles.  So no PR’s today.  Come expecting to run and enjoy the scenery and you won’t be disappointed.  Because it is relatively flat though it is a good course for people new to Ultras or trail running.  Additionally, there are anywhere from 6-9 miles between aid stations.  So depending on how fast you run a single handheld may not be enough if it is hot.  Be prepared!


Want something to do after you run?  Or is your spouse looking for something to do while you run?  We have partnered with Rosemont Winery to offer wine tastings at their facility.  The winery is 10-15 minutes from the start line.  They will be offering tastings for $5 (normally 10) to anyone that shows a bib or race shirt.  You can sign up for it when you register for the race.



The nearest town is South Hill.  South Hill offers easy access to I-85 and plenty of lodging options.


This is one of the best values around for a $50.  For this reason, there are no refunds.  You may transfer to another one of my races or defer to next year

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