Virginia Adventures Policies

Code of Conduct

Be nice to everyone.  This includes volunteers, runners, spectators and race staff.  Mean, spiteful and bigoted comments have no place.  Every person has the right to feel comfortable at our races.

No whining.  If you absolutely feel the need to whine do it directly to the race director.  Even better, send him an email after the race with constructive criticism.  Constructive criticism that makes our races better is always appreciated.  Complaining is not.


Each race cannot happen without volunteers.  These volunteers are not paid and are often out in tough (cold, wet, hot) conditions.  Treat them well.  Secondly, understand that they are the eyes and ears of the race director.  If they tell me you are not fit to continue at a race, that decision is final.


Please check the policies listed for each individual race on Ultrasignup.  As a general rule refunds are not possible.  Deferrals are normally permitted to the next year’s event with prior communication.  Bib transfers are not allowed.  Please do not contact me after a race you missed and ask for a deferral.

Refunds, if possible are initiated on a case by case basis. I am aware that some of you may try to get around this policy by initiating a chargeback through your financial institution. . I view the initiation of a chargeback as a violation of the terms and conditions you agree to in registering for an event. Any runner taking this route will be immediately banned from all future Virginia Adventures events permanently.  You signed up for the event.


I will do my best to post results within 72 hours of the completion of the race.  Please don’t email me prior to that asking when results will be posted.  If there is a question about a time please email me directly.  Don’t post the question on social media.  I will only make adjustments to finish times if the difference is over a 3 minute discrepancy or a podium finish time.

I only recognize top 3 finishers.  I do not offer age group awards.


Many of my races take place on state land.  Open consumption of alcohol is prohibited.  Use of any drugs (including marijuana) is strictly prohibited.  Violations of these policies will result in immediate banning from future events as this puts future events in danger